Notre voilier Vénus au pied des fjords chiliens.

Travel differently, discover the Southern regions, come sailing on Venus…

You are dreaming of the South, of the Patagonian channels, of Antarctica or dreaming about passing the Cape Horn? The sailboat Venus and his crew take you to the most beautiful places and bring you in great adventure.

Emmanuelle and Christophe will make your life easier on the boat and put your dreams into reality. A French-Canadian team who knows the perfect balance between, navigation, hiking, discovery, pleasure, good meals and great games.
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Do you want to round the Cap Horn? Are you ready to discover the Patagonians channels, the beauty of blue glaciers, the marine life of Antarctica, are you ready to be amazed? We choose Venus, a Baltic 51, the comfort, the security and the performance of this boat makes it perfect to discover the southern regions.
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